Chat Communication


Instant messaging tools simplify the communication in remote work settings if you stick to a few basic rules.

What is Chat Communication?

Via a chat tool you can communicate with other team members 1:1 or in (larger) groups. This comes in handy especially if the team is distributed.

Why use it?

Using chats, a distributed team can communicate quickly and easily - almost as if they would sit next to each other. This way a chat tool also helps to maintain the social and corporate culture in remote settings.

How to do it?

Just as in a regular conversation, it is important to note that certain rules of communication also apply in chat communications:

  • always be aware of the range and the target group of the message
  • read the message carefully again before sending and ask yourself how your counterpart might perceive it and whether you have expressed yourself clearly. If the formulations are unclear, correct them.
  • pay attention to give sufficient context so that the message is understandable
  • note the standard rules of communication (Hello, Hi, Please, Thank You; no insults)
  • communicate appreciative and do not critisise without having a constructive solution/alternative at hand
  • when a situation gets tense, seek 1:1 conversation over phone or video call
  • keep the messages as short and concise as possible. For larger texts make use of the formatting functions to increase readability or write an e-mail.
  • try to reduce notifications, e.g. by bundling the request/message
  • use status options to show your availability
  • be aware that messages are not always answered immediately

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