Video Conferencing


Video conferencing is a fundamental technology in remote work settings. It brings teams close together even if there are huge physical distances in between.

What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is a tool to enable multiple participants (1:1 up to hundreds) to communicate: by voice, video, chat, and screen sharing.

Why use it?

Without video conferencing your fallback solutions are phone calls and e-mails. Trust me: you don’t want to run into these fallback solutions…

How to do it?

Best practices:

  • always switch on the video. Only switch it off if you’ve troubles with the internet connection or if you participate in a large meeting where you have no active parts
  • keep the focus on the meeting
  • use virtual backgrounds to avoid visual distractions
  • learn the most important hot keys: start/stop screen sharing, mute/unmute, push-to-talk, mute others (host only)
  • show support without speaking: raise hand, +1 in chat
  • avoid interruptions with questions and write your feedback in the chat
  • get dressed like in the office
  • get to know the power features of your video conferencing solution like breakout rooms, polls, integrated whiteboards etc.

Further best practices for online meetings: see Meeting Guidelines

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